Larry R. Kraus - Business Consultant

Larry R. Kraus Mr. Kraus has provided a wide range of professional business development services to major Federal and State contracting corporations since 1993. With 40 years of international operations, management, executive, and consulting experience he can provide  a competitive advantage for firms desiring to improve or expand business in the government market space. He can participate in business development efforts at any level from limited independent consultation to the provision of entire project/proposal teams. From formulating an operating strategy and organizational construct through comprehensive Business Development, Performance Improvement, and Solution Strategy services, Mr. Kraus and his team of seasoned consultants help firms grow and prosper.
Business Development Performance Improvement Solution Strategies
  • Capture Strategy
  • Marketing Presentations
  • Proposal Reviews
  • Proposal Management
  • Proposal Design
  • Proposal Writing
  • Performance Assessment
  • Organizational Analysis
  • Process Support Tools
  • Metrics Design
  • Process Improvement
  • Information Technology
  • Facilities Maintenance
  • Air/Ground Vehicle Maintenance
  • Range/Launch Support Services
  • Logistics Engineering


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